Best Propose Day Quotes 2021, New Funny, Cute, and Lovely Quotes and Messages for Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend

Propose Day Quotes 2021: New Funny, Cute, Messages, Girlfriend, Boyfriend,

Propose Day Quotes 2021: In the Valentine Week List, the day of expressing your feelings toward someone you love falls on the 8th of February every year.

Propose day is a chance for all the people to express their feeling toward their love of life. Therefore, in this article of ‘Propose Day Quotes 2021’ we have brought a collection of Quotes, Messages and SMS exclusively for you.

Readout these Propose Day Quotes and select a unique one for your love.

Propose Day Quotes 2021

Happy Propose Day Quotes 2021

“Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be.”

Robert Browning

“The future for me is already a thing of the past. You were my first love and you will be my last.”

Bob Dylan

“You’re the one that I wanted to find.”


“I ask you to pass through life at my side—to be my second self, and best earthly companion.”

Charlotte Brontë

“You are enough to drive a saint to madness or a king to his knees.”

Grace Willows

“For you see, each day I love you more – today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.”

Rosemonde Gerard

Propose Day Quotes Sweet

The sweetest way to propose:

“Excuse me, do you have a band-aid,
because I scrapped my knee
when I fell in love with you.”
Will you be mine …
Happy Propose Day!!!

Did you know they changed the alphabet?
They put U and me together.
“Happy Propose Day”

I Have Spent Many Sleepless Nights,
In Your Love And I don’t want,
My Son to Do same 4 Your Daughter,
So let’s make them Brother And Sister …
“Happy Propose Day”

Boy: Would You Mind Sharing Your Address With Me
Girl: Why
Boy: Because That Is Where I would take my marriage vows one day

Are you free…..???
for the rest of your life?
Happy Propose Day

I can’t imagine a life without you in it,
I want to grow old with you,
Let’s spend the rest of our lives together.

I Am Opening An Emotional Bank Account
For U Sweetheart
So Deposit Your Love In It
And You Will Get The Interest.
Be My Valentine!
Happy Propose Day…

Propose Day Messages 2021

This world of mine would be so painful and lifeless if you were not with me. Today, I’m begging you to be mine forever. Happy Propose Day to you!

Darling, I can’t wait to hold your hand and whisper in your ears the magical words you’ve been waiting to hear. Today, all my love is for you only!

You’re the only person I want to be with today, tomorrow, and forever. I want you with every bit of my heart! Please be mine forever!

When I first saw you, something from my heart told me you were the one I had been waiting for. Happy propose day to the sweetest person ever!

I can bring the world to your feet if you want. I can move a mountain if you love. I promise to be with you forever and ever!

The loveliest thing in the world is to ask someone you love to spend their life with you. Happy Propose Day to all the folks out there!

Propose Day SMS 2021

( ‘ o ‘ )
I Love You

I wish, I was one of your tears,
so I could be born in your eye,
run down your cheek,
and die on your lips.

I Love You For Not
What You Are
But What I Become
When I Am There With You.
So, Be With Me Forever…

When I See You,
I Know The Reason Why,
So, Let Me Hold Your Hand & Make You Mine
For That Would Intoxicate Me Like Sweet Wine…

Life Counts All the Roads we Travel,
Some are Smooth,
Some are Rough,
Some I Would Rather forget, But There’s One Road
I Won’t Regret
The Road Where we Met and Became Friends!

Boy: Would You Mind Sharing Your Address With Me
Girl: Why
Boy: Because That Is Where I Would Take My Marriage Vows One Day…

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