Best Rose Day Quotes- Top 10 Messages, Happy Rose Day Quotes 2021

Rose Day Quotes- Top 10 Messages, Happy Rose Day Quotes 2021:

Happy Rose Day Quotes

Rose Day is the beautiful and fragrant start to the most romantic and awaited Valentine Week. Roses hold a special place in the hearts of the couples as they are expressions of deep love and affection.

Understanding the relevancy of these blossoms in people’s lives, a special day has been dedicated to them during the most amorous time of the year. The multiple color of roses can be shared with the loved ones depending up on the bond you share with them.

Red rose for the romance, yellow for the friendship, pink for affection, and several other hues hiding meaning in them. In addition to sending roses to your special ones, send these affectionate & romantic Rose day Quotes and messages to express your sentiments magnificently!

Happy Rose Day Quotes 2021

Best Rose Day Quotes- Top 10 Messages, Happy Rose Day Quotes 2021

Sweeter than the candies,
lovelier than the red roses.
More huggable than soft toys,
that’s what you’re here’s
wishing you a Rose Day that’s as special as you’re…
Bunch of roses for my love. Happy Rose Day.

You know what Rose Means It also means….
R- Rare
O- Ones
S- Supporting
E- Entire life
Happy Rose Day 2021

My Rose is red,
Your Eyes are Blue,
You Love Me,
and I Love You….
Happy Rose Day to you!!!

I asked God for a rose And he gave me a garden,
I ask God for a drop of water And he gave me an ocean,
I asked God for an angel And he gave me you!
Happy rose day!

Stars Are As Bright As Your Eyes,
Apples Are As Red As Your Cheeks,
Snow Is As White As Your Teeth,
Dew Is As Fresh As Your Face,
Night Is As Black As Your Hair,
Breeze Is As Soft As Your Voice,
Roses Are As Pink As Your Lips,
Happy Rose Day

Roses exclusively for….
A nice person… ‘YOU‘,
From a simple person… ‘ME‘,
Keep roses until they dry…
Keep my relation until I die…
Happy Rose Day.

Lovely quotes and Messages just for you. So, enjoy this First day of Valentine’s Week and give your lover a red rose and also send them these lovely Rose Day Quotes and messages on Whatsapp or Facebook.

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